Windows Update Failed to Install… Again

Q. God knows how many thread i’ve made about this, it seems that the problem won’t go away from my PC. Basically, everytime an update comes up, my Windows 10 will always fail to install the update. No matter what i do. I’ve tried both system and catalogue, none of them worked. It’ll just come up failed after restarting. Sometimes, it did worked, but even that i don’t know how. Usually when things are like this i’ll just use Media Creation Tool, but it obviously takes a long time and i don’t want that. Is there any way i could get rid of this problem and install the updates peacefully?

The update that i now have problem with is the latest one (KB4038788)

Another thing that i noticed is that during the restart sequence, it doesn’t show any percent, just the text and it gives up


Windows failing and undoing changes is the most common problem in Windows 10.[FIX] Windows update says undoing changes after/before the restart

The repair Install generally fixes this kind of issue.


The first step beforehand would be trying updating manually. Download MSU under 1703 version:

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