Windows performance recorder

Windows performance recorder is a good tool to help us diagnose computer problems.  It is relatively easy to install and run and runs in win 7, 8, & 10


So as to analyze your difficult you should download and introduce the beneath. They suggest you create a restore point before running the trace.  It is safe in the vast majority of situations but it cant hurt to have one.

To run WPR you have to:

Introduce the WPT (Windows Performance Toolkit) by downloading ADK from here

On the off chance that you are running windows 10 you should utilize the more current adaptation discovered here

There is no need to install anything but the windows performance toolkit.  That is  about 100Mb.  You do not need to install the entire ADK (or SDK)

  1. Run ADKSetup.exe.
  2. 2. Click Install, specify the location where you want to install the Windows ADK features, and then click Next.
  3. 3. Select the Windows ADK features that you want to install (windows performance toolkit), and then click Install.

Help with establishment (if necessary) is here

At the point when you have downloaded and introduced it, open a raised order brief and type the accompanying

WPRUI.exe (which is the windows execution recorder) You should see this

Unless your problem involves sleep, shutdown, waking, or reboot check off the following boxes

There are various options. Choose the one that applies to your situation

If you want to reduce the size of the file you can choose “Light” instead of verbose

If it’s not too much trouble run the follow when you are encountering the issue

At the point when you are prepared or are encountering the difficult Click Start

Let it run for 30 secs and spare the record (it will give you where it is being spared and what the document is called)

It will create an enormous record and the more you run it the bigger it will compress the document diminish the size by a factor of 10 so a 10 Gig Etl=1 Gig compressed record Please dont transfer an ETL record that is bigger that 4 Gb unfastened. On the off chance that your is greater run a shorter follow

Compress the record and transfer to us on Onedrive (or any document sharing assistance) and give us a connect to it in your next post. It will be quicker for you to transfer and for us to download. Make certain to transfer the document that closes in “ETL” not the littler organizers that end in PDB!!!

In the event that your concern includes rest, hibernation, shutdown, or reboot you should design WPR in an unexpected way. For instance for a reboot issue design it like (this will reboot your PC when you click start so close your work)

For shutdown issues arrange it like this


There are some special situations where you need to configure WPR differently.  These are only necessary if they apply to you

To effectively catch occasion stacks on 64-piece frameworks that are running Windows® 7, disablepagingexecutive ought to be set to On, and the framework must be rebooted before you start execution recording. For 32-piece frameworks that are running Windows 7 and for all frameworks that are running Windows 8, you can work execution recording without setting disablepagingexecutive to On. To do this sort wpr – disablepagingexecutive in a raised order brief

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