Windows can’t detect bluetooth headphones

I can’t get Windows to find my new bluetooth headphones, despite Windows being able to find and connect with various bluetooth devices. Same thing with the headphones: they connect fine to everything else but my laptop.

Windows simply can’t find the device when searching. It creates a list of 15-20 ‘Unknown’ devices and I tried to connect to every single one of them, hoping it was the headphones. No such luck, and other devices (like phones) still detect the headphones by its correct name.

So far I’ve tried the following:

– Updated the network drivers

– Made sure that the computer can be detected (in the bluetooth settings)

– Changed the Bluetooth Support Service to start automatically (instead of manually), then restarted it

I made sure to restart the computer after each of these changes, too.

I’ve combed the headphones’ manual to see if laptops require a special procedure but it doesn’t. There’s nothing about installing drivers: it’s just supposed to be detected and then connected.


  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • Network adapter: Broadcom 802.11n
  • Headphones: ATH-S700BT (Audio-Technica)

Do you receive any error code or error message, while you try to connect the Bluetooth headphone?
This issue might occur if there are no Bluetooth drivers installed or if they are corrupted or outdated or incompatible.   Windows 10 changed the status text in the Settings app for Bluetooth devices.  Bluetooth devices will only show as “Connected” when the device is actually in use and transferring data.  When the device is not active, the status will show as “Paired”.  

You may try the below suggestion and check.

1. Go to control panel-device and printer-hardware and sound

2. double click on the icon on my headset

3. switch to “service” tab

4. turn off “hands-free telephony”

5. click ok

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