Windows 11

There is, and will be, no Windows 11.

MS’s new business model is to keep the name Win10, but do bi-annual major updates to Win10.

The most recent of these updates is 1703 ( ‘Creators’ ) update. The next will probably roll by in Oct/Nov.

– Of course, MS may change their mind down the track, but that’s the current state of affairs.

With these major updates it’s safer to use the Media Creation Tool  and do the update when convenient.

If you do not initiate the update manually it will be downloaded via Windows Updates and install automatically

At some ‘random’ time that may not be convenient. The automatic Windows Updates option seems more prone to creating problems as well. – Interesting you should bring up Vista.

Windows 10 seems to be heading toward a similarly large number of disaffected Windows users. There are many unhappy campers.

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