Windows 10

Q. Anyone knows how to stop the, it can happen anytime but so far not when I start the system, I will be doing research or reading some news when it would just go off with an above message

Since I posted this I have tried everything I could plus had Microsoft techs take over my computer and one reinstalled windows 10, as new hp computer had their techs take over my computer and they sent a tech out to my home and hardware and software all good and was reading that if do a memtest86 that might tell me something as I would get lots of different BSOD errors and computer freezes and so couple days ago ran memtest86 and found had 9 errors re cpu so ran it again and had no errors, last time was 2 days ago (today is 10/3/17) and so far my computer has not frozen or had and BSOD, let’s hope it stays that way,

i suggest you run memtest86 coupls times and see if works for you.

today is the 29/6/17 and since I did the memtest86 twice I have not had any BSOD so far and the computer is not freezing so let’s hope I have fixed the problem


This probably is caused by memory corruption. Kindly refer to the link below and follow Zigzag’s post: Stopcode on Windows 10

You can refer to these links and follow the step by step instructions provided in the articles:

1-Driver verifier 2-Memtest.

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