Windows 10 won’t accept password at login

When I tried turning on my desktop earlier today I was unable to login. It keeps saying my password is incorrect. Then it tells me i can reset at . It still didn’t work. I’ve been searching around the internet all day and i still can’t seem to find a solution. Some people seem to be able to change their keyboard language with a small icon in the corner. There is no such icon for me.(i also trieduse the on screen key board and the eye icon so

i know my password’s right.) I’ve also tried booting in safe mode but it still won’t accept my password. I use a wired internet connection. I’ve tried booting with and without the internet. In everycase its the same.

I never had a windows 10 disk. I download it an an upgrade to windows 8.

The only option I haven’t tried is a complete reinstall of the operating system. I have a lot custom made files that I don’t have backed up anywhere else. Reseting the entire system really isn’t an option if I’ll lose all my programs. The weird part is the password works on my other devises when signing into my microsoft account.

this is my first time posting here. I nomally wouldn’t post anything but I couldn’t find any answers for an answer. Right now I have to post from a phone.

right now i’m posting from a phone.

  • Did you make any software and hardware changes to your computer prior to this issue?

If you have changed the password recently then you need an active internet connection to sync password to your computer. I suggest you to connect your PC to internet and try logging with new password and check if you are able to login.

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