Windows 10 Time ALWAYS wrong

My date is always correct, but my time is always wrong. Example: Right now it is 8:50 am, but my clock in Windows says 1:50 pm. Here is the situation:

My system is dual bootable, Ubuntu or Windows 10. Ubuntu shows the correct time. I think this rules out a bad cmos battery.

Windows 10 always shows the wrong time. Location settings are correct, time zone settings are correct.

When I select to keep time manually, (turning off the autosync) It is fine. When I reboot, it is wrong again. When I select to automatically have windows set my time, it is fine. When I reboot, it is wrong again.

I’ve gotten to where I keep a clock next to my computer, and fix the time each time I boot into windows….. but there has to be an actual solution.

I suggest you to follow the below steps to change the settings of time and time zone:

  1. Press “Windows+X” and click on “control panel”.
  2. On the left hand side click on “clock, language and region”.
  3. Click on “change time zone”.
  4. And then click on the tab “internet time” and click on “change settings”.
  5. Check the box “synchronize with an internet time server” and also select the option “” from the drop down and click on “ok” and check if the issue persists.

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