Windows 10 taskbar always on top, would like to disable that

Q. My Windows 10 laptop did an update earlier today, and now my taskbar always appears on top of all other windows, even on full-screen elements. How do I revert this change?


The taskbar option “Always on top” and the ability to disable it, that was in windows versions through windows vista,  was removed from windows in 7, 8, 8.1 and still has not been restored with windows 10.  I personally have made more than request to have this functionality restored. 

I have an issue with the ‘auto-hide’.  When trying to select text in a document near the bottom of the screen, i have to fight with the taskbar always popping up, if I have the document in full screen mode.  It makes it very difficult when doing graphic design work, or app development and wish that this option could be restored.

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