Windows 10: Sync my settings

Q. I have been into Settings to “Sync my settings” but I am told (in red) that “Some Window features are only available if you are using a Microsoft account” My problem follows this:-

I do have a MS account which works everywhere else except when I went into Accounts to open my account. (Is this where I have gone wrong!!)  You see, I tried first to sign in using my Microsoft Account but was persistently told that my password  “is incorrect”. I then changed my password and the system confirmed that it had been “successfully changed”. When I tried to sign in with my new password (stating my old password) I was told that “the password you entered is incorrect” Equally, I tried setting a new account but was again told that my password is incorrect.


I suggest you to log into Microsoft account online and check if you are able to log in.

If you are able to log in, then it is not a password issue.

Refer the link below:

In the above link, you have the option to sync settings. 

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