Windows 10 Suddenly restarts without warning

Q. Hello I recently just installed windows 10 on my laptop, coming from windows 8.1 which I guess would have been the latest windows before 10. Everything works fine for me in windows 10 but then what keeps happening is that I’ll be watching youtube videos or playing games or doing important work when without any error messages or warning it will just restart.

I don’t know if that cause of and update but usually I would be notify that windows will update and it even allows me to postpone it. but with this problem windows just restarts and I have no idea why it does this. Please if anyone is having this problem as well and has fixed it let me know or if any tech person can possibly tell me why this is happening I figure this is one of the bugs of windows 10.


From maintenance history, it appeared the restarts on my laptop happened after maintenance. 

Tried to change maintenance settings, but settings feature wouldn’t open.  Fixed that using patch found here:

Then I changed maintenance settings to say ‘schedule’ restarts instead of doing them automatically.  Don’t know if this will fix ‘random’ restarts, but here’s hoping!

Also, I did ‘Use the System File Checker tool’ which found errors.  It didn’t FIX the errors though, or suggest how to fix them, so that wasn’t very helpful.

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