Windows 10 stuck on Just a Moment, can’t do anything else

I’ve looked up a couple answers but so far nothing I’ve found works, so here’s the issue.

I got a new laptop recently so I’ve been trying to clean install my old one to give to someone else since it’s still in pretty good working order. I decided to install Windows 10 off the site I think? I didn’t use any installation media, I remember that much.

This was a couple days ago now. In any case, since then I figure it finished or so but it’s been stuck on Just a moment… ever since. Sometimes I leave it on to see if it will finish but it never does, it’s been a few days now. I’ve tried to get to other screens, but the only other thing it lets me pick is boot device, and the only option there is the Boot Manager. I have a windows 10 usb and dvd now, but neither of them show up in boot devices, so I can’t try to reinstall. 

If the laptop is stuck on the ‘ Just a Moment’ screen, unplug any USB devices, especially a wireless mouse or keyboard.

Press and hold the Power Button to perform a Hard Shut Down. Then Start the laptop again, it will now hopefully finish the install.

If that does not work, you say you have a Windows 10 installation USB, is this bootable media. If it is, insert it into a USB slot, go into your BIOS and change the boot order so the USB Flash drive appears at the top of the list, save changes to the BIOS settings and reboot. Your laptop should then boot from the Flash Drive and install a clean copy of Windows 10.

To get into your BIOS look at the screen immediately as your laptop starts, there will be text like ‘ press F2 to enter setup’, the key might also be Esc or Del

NOTE: During the Windows installation, your laptop will reboot, at this point you must go into your BIOS and change the boot order back, so your hard drive is top of the list, otherwise the installation will start over . . .

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