Windows 10 reset stuck at 99%

I’ve obtained and updated my windows 8.1 PC to windows 10. The installation is finished well and windows 10 is started up good, then i decided to reset it for a clear installation deleting all file on hdd but now the reset status is stuck at 99% for a past hour is this normal?

My PC spec:

Intel i7 4770k

6GB Ram


Nvidia GT640

UPDATE: After 3 hours of not responding PC at 99% of reset status (HDD Led stuck also), i decided to power off the PC, then to download and install a new copy of Windows 10 from my DreamSpark account. I don’t know if this is a bug or other, i only think that 3 hours for a reset is too much when a new installation of windows 10 on my hardware requires less of half past hour.

Reset seems to be a problem with older PCs; at least that’s what I have found after searching a lot. 

In  the your case:

Try waiting for a few hours more. If it does not work,

1. Hard Boot three to four times (hard boot is achieved by holding down the power key for 8 to 10 seconds, then powering on and then again holding down the power key to turn off)

2. You will then enter Windows 10 Automatic repair options.

3. Try making a clean reset from there.

IF it still doesn’t work, then download the Windows 10 ISO file and boot from that and try making a clean reset again. 

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