Windows 10 Randomly Hangs/Freezing

I seem to be having an issue with random hangs/freezing… as the title suggests. I for the life of me cant figure out what this problem is, if its a hardware issue / software issue / driver issue or anything else. The problem is that the computer will randomly freeze without any warning these freezes started somewhere around late November 2017, I assume with one of the Windows updates.

The actual freezes also vary… sometimes they last only 10 seconds to a minute and I can still move my mouse but not interact with any programs, other times the computer completely freezes and I am forced to do a hard boot on my computer.

This makes doing any sort of assignment for school or playing any sort of game an issue. As I said before the freezes are very random. I can sit down on my desktop for over 5 hours and not have a single freeze, other times the computer will freeze shortly after I start the computer.

An important side note is that the computer has never had a problem starting up or loading startup processes. The freezes also occur with any/all programs including Google Chrome and Gaming applications…. really anything. 

Computer Info:

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor     3.50 GHz

RAM: 24 GB

System type: 64-bit Operating System

Storage: SanDisk 480GB SATA III (NTFS, also what the OS is loaded on) and Toshiba 1TB Hardrive

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

(I’m not sure what else to post that would be important please let me know if there is anything else that would be helpful to know)

In terms of solutions I have tried quite a few, I have already done a clean boot of Windows 10, also tried rolling back to Windows 7, however neither of these fixes seemed to solve my issue. I have also changed quite a few settings in my Power settings, as well as optimizing my Virtual Memory, I have also done a clean reboot of my Nvidia Graphics Card driver. There are many other “fixes” that google/youtube has suggested that I have tried, and I cannot remeber them all, however none of those have worked as well. 

Malware, outdated drivers, and corruption with system files are several reasons why your PC is freezing.

Since you’ve tried some troubleshooting steps already but the issue still persists, try updating the device drivers which is helpful in resolving the issue. Click here for more information on how to update the drivers on Windows 10.

They also recommend running a full antivirus scan on your PC using Windows Defender and see if it will detect any issues or infections.

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