Windows 10, ps3 eye cam (sleh-00448) driver.

Looking for Windows 10 (32-bit), PS3 eye cam (sleh-00448) driver. Any help?

FREE and EASY to use program makes your Playstation webcam ( model: SLEH-00448 ) work on Windows

Sony will tell you that your Playstation Eye Cam ( model: sleh-00448 ) will only work on PS3 ?

but THIS IS NOT TRUE. After an hour of browsing the web, I found the answer

watch this following video for simple instructions

OR IF YOU PREFER follow my quick and easy instructions below to get your webcam working on Windows

download the following FREE program from the following link

install the program

do not connect your webcam to your computer before the program has been installed

After the program has been installed and you see that T shaped black webcam icon that looks just like your Playstation webcam, go ahead and plug in your Playstation webcam and open the program

On the top left of the program you can choose the “devices” option and choose between your webcams if you have more than one 🙂

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