Windows 10 Pro Missing Title Bar and Part of the Top of Window

Q. They are experiencing problems with a certain application in windows 10 the top of the window (the first inch)is missing… the title bar the close minimize button is not there and if there a window underneath it will close that window instead it happens with file explorer, google chrome, adobe reader dc.

All those apps are up to date the windows are also up to date, i can’t an answer anywhere i tried using system restore but the problem comes back shortly after ( a day or 2 )


This is the first report I could find explaining the exact same symptoms.

I have noticed the following:

  • This is a rare but extremely frustrating issue.
  • It can occur on the top or at the bottom of the window, but not limited to just those areas.
  • The issue only occurs with maximized windows and does not seem to affect all apps.
  • This problem can be evasive and has been occurring intermittently in the past. It comes and goes depending on what apps are open.
  • Some have reported that Office Protected View could be a trigger but disabling this only works in limited cases.

Troubleshooting Steps Performed: (Since April/May 2018)

  • Update Windows
  • Update all Affected Apps
  • Clean Install new display drivers
  • Clean boot
  • SFC scan and DISM
  • Check event viewer
  • Run affected apps in compatibility mode
  • Uninstall all OEM software
  • Uninstall all non-essential apps
  • Uninstall all graphics drivers
  • Replace the graphics card (AMD and NVIDIA)
  • Remove graphics card altogether and run integrated GPU only
  • Update BIOS
  • Disable CPU Virtualization Features in BIOS
  • Replace PC Tower – Latest W10 PRO x64 Clean Install on New PC
  • Replace both Monitors with 2x New Identical Monitors – Both connected via digital outputs


  • None of my troubleshooting steps have yielded any results. The issue always returns eventually.
  • We seriously need some action from Microsoft regarding this issue.

Possible Cause:

Due to the scope of affected apps and the fact that only multiple display setups seem to be affected, I suspect this may be a display driver/hardware/configuration compatibility issue/conflict probably related to a recent windows 10 update since build 1703/1803 causing display issues.

Temporary Workarounds:

  • This is a quick and easy workaround: SHIFT + CTRL + WIN + B
    • This key sequence empties the video buffer and restarts the driver, and does the same for the keyboard, the mouse, and the soundcard. It was meant for helping some users and techs with stuck graphic elements, black screens, stuck sleep modes, stuck mouse buttons, and buzzing or looping sounds.
    • The issue will return eventually.
    • Limited success
  • Changing the primary monitor or just slightly changing the layout of multiple monitors and clicking apply resolves the issue for an unknown amount of time.
    • Limited success
  • When I use shift + right-click on the taskbar icon of the affected application and select ‘restore window’ the interface returns, but when I maximize again it the issue returns.
    • This is my personal choice. You can effectively work around the issue by avoiding the symptoms.
    • Any window showing the issue symptoms needs to be restored as above and NOT MAXIMISED AGAIN.
    • Snapping Windows to the Left or Right side of a display and resizing them sideways is a quick way of using non-maximized during multi-tasking workflows.
    • Success may be limited
  • Some apps that support Full-screen mode (Not to be confused with maximized mode) can be restored by hitting the F11 key to enable full screen and hitting F11 again to exit full screen. My interface then returns, however, some apps like Acrobat Reader DC do not respond to F11 because it has its own full-screen shortcut which will also work the same way.
    • This would be my second choice due to how quickly you can tap F11 twice.
    • Once you re-open or move the window the symptoms could return (If in the maximised state)
    • Success may be limited

Possible Solution:

  • There have been reports that the following third-party hotfix fixed the issue. You may want to create a system restore point before trying this:
  • Changing to a single display setup may get rid of the symptoms completely. Very inconvenient, but maybe viable if you can get by with one display and you have no viable/effective workarounds.
    • Not tested yet, but someone can confirm if this helps them.
  • The only other effective way I can think of is going back to an earlier (Prior to 1703) build of Windows 10 or even going back to Windows 7/8

What can they do if they want a real solution?


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