Windows 10 – Print Screen Not Working?

I’m a gamer and sometimes have need to take screenshots of what I’m doing for reference, forum posts, etc…

You can imagine my surprise when I hit the “Prt Sc” key on my Windows 10 PC only to have nothing on the clipboard when I tried pasting into Windows Paint. I’ve tried multiple different programs, several times each, and no luck, even after attempting to upgrade the keyboard drivers (it told me I already had the best one). I have an ASUS K55N model, if that helps at all.

What might be the cause of this and how can I fix it?

Close all running programs (including the ones running in the background… check in the notification area) and try again. Some programs like OneDrive, Dropbox, Snipping tool can take over the Print Screen key.

Alternately, try:

ALT + PrintScreen – Open Paint and paste the image from clipboard.

WinKey + PrintScreen -This saves teh screenshot to a PNG file in Pictures\Screenshots folder. Use Fn + WinKey + PrintScreen for laptops.

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