Windows 10 now won’t boot, won’t recover, won’t reset, won’t repair

After installing Win 10 32bit it was working fine until updates were unblocked.

After updates were run the laptop would not reboot – the bootloader could not load.

Tried using the Windows 10 recovery media on USB. The following fixes using that did not work: Refresh your PC, Reset your PC, Open a System Restore point (there was a restore point made), Start-up repair, Go back to previous build. Clean Installation fails (it won’t format any partitions), Upgrade installation fails.

  • Despite this, all files are still visible on the computer using the command prompt.
  • Chkdsk /f /r shows up a (696e647863686b2e 1324) error.
  • BCDedit fixes haven’t worked.
  • Startup repair fails saying it’s the wrong OS, even though it’s the same version.
  • I’ve downloaded the Win 10 recovery media twice and tried a Win 8 recovery USB – same results.

It looks like the bootloader is corrupted but the normal fixes aren’t working. Has Windows 10 killed my laptop?

I’ve spent hours, days trying to figure this out and now really regret agreeing to the upgrade.

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