Windows 10 Internet connection keeps disconnecting

Q. Ever since upgrading to Windows 10, my Ethernet connection (desktop is cabled directly to my router) my connection to the internet keeps disconnecting. Other devices in my house still keep their connections. So I go to settings and click on diagnose connection, connection gets fixed, then I’m back on internet (for awhile anyway), then problem repeats itself.

Not sure what the deal is. Occasionally I have had to restart my router to resolve and get back on line. But I just don’t understand why the problem keeps repeating. I get messages like network adapter needs reset and gateway not available.

I go to settings and diagnose connection, and after 5 minutes of internal checking including seeing gateway and network adapter messages, get a green checkmark that “now fixed” but problem periodically repeats itself.


1. Right-Click start menu and select Device Manager

2. Expand Network Adapters

3. Right click properties

4. Click Power Management

5. Uncheck the box entitled “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”

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