Windows 10 Installation Issue “Can’t , Install Windows on GPT Drive”

There are people who are trying to install Windows 10 (Clean Installation) on either a new HDD/SDD OR an old HDD/SDD. But when you selected a drive and click Next, you received an error “Can’t install Windows on GPT drive”.

1. Boot from the installation device (USB or DVD).

2. Once you reach the “Install” page. Immediately press and hold SHIFT KEY + F10 KEY. This will open the command prompt (The black box DOS program).

3. Once the Command Prompt is open, proceed to type the following command line.

Method 1:Short Method

a. Type diskpart and then hit enter. This will enable the command prompt to enter the disk partitioning mode.

b. Now type list disk and then hit enter. You will then see a list of disk drives.

c. Please make sure that you know the current size of your HDD. Select it by typing select disk 0 . Replace 0 with the right drive number.

d. Now type clean to unallocated it.

e. Now type create part pri and hit enter to create primary partition.

f. Next is to type select part 1 and then hit enter.

g. Now type format fs=ntfs quick and then hit enter. Take note this will reformat the whole  hard drive. So make sure you have a backup of everything.

h. Now type select disk 0 again and then hit enter.

I. Now please type detail disk and then hit enter.

j. You will see a volume number, type select volume 1.

k. Now please type delete volume.

l. Now type convert mbr if you need gpt then type convert gpt and then hit enter.

m. Now please go so step c up to step g then type exit.

And now just restart your pc and you will be able to install Windows 10 Now.

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