Windows 10 file explorer not responding

I see several people are having a similar issue and none of the posted solutions I’ve tried have worked for me. I’ve deleted antiviruses, run the SFC, installed updates, rebooted several times. Windows 10 file explorer is still saying (NOT RESPONDING) whenever I click on a file in there.

I can’t access my work and I’m ready to go back to Windows 7 which is a shame cause I think I could really like Windows 10. But Oh wait, I can’t go back cause it won’t let me!!

Please provide a REAL solution to this problem that so many people are having.

I was facing the same problem. And I have managed to solve it. There is a particular software in your system that is not compatible with the OS. I personally used the following method to narrow down my hunt:

1. Donwload CCleaner (free software)

2. Go in Tools

3. Go in Startup 

4. Then disable all software that showup.

If your File Explorer is working now(as my did), simply enable the softwares one by one to know which one is the source of error.

After downloading the CCleaner I ran it like you said, disabled all the startup programs, restarted my computer and at first I thought it wasn’t going to work. I tried File Explorer after about ten minutes and it worked like a champ. Still working today. I haven’t started re-enabling those programs yet cause it seems like I don’t need them. No other solution posted worked for me. CCleaner is the answer folks! (just be careful to click analyze and not the clean-up option or it will erase your programs.)

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