Windows 10 error code 0xc000000f

Q. So i guess i left my pc on overnight and when i got home from school i turned my monitor and was greeted by an error that said

File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Error code: 0xc000000f

You’ll need to use recovery tools. If you don’t have any installation media {like a disc or USB device), contact your PC administrator or PC\Device Manufacturer.

Press Enter to try again, (Which does nothing)

Press f8 for Startup Settings (Which does nothing)

Do i need to reinstall windows because i don’t have a disc since i upgraded to windows 10 back in 2014 through the free thingy. I have no idea what causes this, and my OS, i believe is on my SSD which isnt broken. So please help I need this pc for homework


You will need a Windows 10 boot disk if you don’t have one.

Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool – create media then
boot with it.

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