Windows 10 DVD Drive missing

Hi! I have updated my framework to Win10. Cherishing it and all, anyway today I needed to introduce a game from a plate. As my web isn’t generally quick and is has an every day breaking point of 9GBs at max speed, I lean toward introducing huuuge games like Witcher 3 from disk….

So I squeezed the catch on my DVD ROM, it opened alright, put in the plate, shut, began murmuring, and there’s nothing more to it… DVD Drive is absent from My Computer and Device Manager too.

I have attempted old regedit changes like erasing max and min esteems, and including it as controller0, running troubleshooter, fixit… nothing worked.

Checked the motherboard, links, everything appears to be alright, the DVD is associated, gets power, opens, closes, murmurs, yet doesn’t show up in the framework… don’t have a clue whether it has anything to do with it yet SM Bus Driver doesn’t work as indicated by the Device Manager and I can’t refresh or do anything with it….

To give somewhat of a foundation, my motherboard and processor is new (Gigabyte Z97 D3H, i5 4460), the remainder of the framework is “more seasoned” (supplanted the segments over the past years)… After an IT companion of mine set up the PC I introduced Win7 and didn’t generally utilize it, I don’t recollect placing a plate into the PC at that state. I had 8.1 before that and the DVD drive worked alright…

Anyone having this issue? Is it a bug for sure? Any arrangements you folks know? Much obliged for the answers 🙂


The problem is that DVD/CD-ROM is missing in Device Manager. I think this version of Windows is not tested very well, so I am expecting a lot of issues. Will go back to Windows 7 and will wait for a SP1 of Windows 10.

I found a solution of the problem with missing DVD.

In Device Manager I selected View->Show Hidden Devices. DVD was shown and I uninstalled it.

After reboot the DVD was not detected, so I uninstalled all IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers:

ATA Channel 0,

ATA Channel 1,

Intel (R)…. Serial ATA Storage Controller)

and after reboot the DVD was recognized and installed.

I hope this can help you with the detection of DVD of Windows 10.

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