Windows 10 Doesn’t Fit to Screen

I’ve just upgraded my desktop PC to Windows 10, from Windows 8.1, however, the taskbar, and the rest of the screen, stretches off of the monitor.

The graphics drivers are all up to date, all Windows updates installed, rebooted, set resolution, etc.

I also tweaked the monitor settings, they are all as they should be.

So – how do I get Windows 10 to fit to my monitor screen? Every other Windows version has been fine.

I found a way to fix this if your computer has the AMD Catalyst Control Center.  

1. Open the Device Manager (right click on Start-Icon in left corner) 

2. Then click Display Adapters and click your display card. 

3. Click on “Search for a driver on the computer” (second entry)

4. Click “Select driver from list” 

5. Pick the newest one you have

6. Restart your computer and it should work…..mine did

Here is the link to where I found the help, though how I state it may be simpler and more concise….

It is NavyLCDR’s Post……the second from the bottom if it doesn’t bring you there automatically…

When the AMD Catalyst Control Center works go under My Digital Flat Panels and from there to Scaling Options……scale it as needed

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