Windows 10 “choose your keyboard layout” stuck. Keyboard & mouse don’t work to select

Upgraded to windows 10 and had an attempting_execut_on_nonexecute_memory error, which restarted the computer. It stated “preparing automatic repair” and dumped me to the “choose your keyboard layout screen.”

When this happens,  I lose my usb ports and my keyboard and mouse don’t work.  I have tried all 6 ports,  I have tried 2 keyboards and 2 mice,  and Unfortunately there is no ps2 port on my computer. 

The keyboard and mouse work all through the process until this screen.  All are directly connected, non wireless,  and have gotten me to the bios screen.

Cpu: HP p6720

Upgraded from windows 7 to 10 via download

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I had 100% success in restoring by Windows 10 and keeping all my documents and files intact.

I first created a bootable USB stick using the Media creation tool available on Microsoft’s Windows 10 site. Select if you want the 32 or 64 bit files based on the original Windows 7 OS that you had on your PC. Restart the PC and go to the BIOS and select the boot sequence to start from the USB stick.

You are presented with various recovery options. I experimented with these options and none of these worked for me. Creating a new install prompted me to enter the product key. When I entered the Windows 7 key it did not work.

I finally tried the System Restore option and was presented with 2 configurations that were saved when installed updates on my new Windows 10 install. I selected the older configuration and it took about 1/2 hour and I had the Windows 10 log in screen and voila everything was back to normal. Hope this helps you recover from the “Select Keyboard Layout” problem.

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