Windows 10 – Can’t add Another User

I successfully installed Windows 10 yesterday on my PC. I created the Administrator account with my hotmail account. Now, I want to add another account for my brother. But the ” Family and Other Users ” doesn’t let me add more accounts. I tried both options

to Add a Family Member and Add Someone else to this PC, but neither of them is working. It shows that a click has been made but doesn’t respond to it. I tried restarting my computer and checked internet connection. All is working fine except for adding an account. Is there a way I can fix that. Please help.

Exists one way more to add a new user in Windows 10. Press Windows key + R. Choose System (computer) Management. Later You choose part Users and Group. And for the end, You can add a new user.

Basis on my experience, Your first login must be done from Safe Mode of Windows 10 (press F8 and later 4 during boot).

Later, after reboot, You can use normally a new account.

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