Windows 10 + BOSE Quietcomfort 35 – do not work

I got new BOSE Quietcomfort 35

I managed to connect it via BT to my DELL computer. I can see two drivers under Device Manager

However under Sound Manager I do not see it at all:

I’m sure that there is a way to setup and use them as headset or headphones. I do not know what more I can do to get it installed?

I struggled with this because I really wanted to use my Bose QuietComfort with my SurfacePro 3, but these steps helped and corrected the problem associated with Windows 10:

1) If you had already connected and paired your Bose QuietComfort 35 to your computer, please uninstall it then restart your computer.

     To do this, swipe from the right hand side of your screen and tap on “All Settings”.

     Tap on “Devices”, then “Bluetooth”.

     Tap on the Bose Icon and “Remove Device”. It will un-pair and uninstall your headphones.

     Restart your computer.

2) When your computer re-starts, make sure that your computer Bluetooth is enabled. Then swipe again from the right and tap on “All Settings”….”Devices”…”Bluetooth”.

     Turn on your Bose Headset and move the power switch ALL THE WAY to the right and hold it there for a several seconds.

    Two (2) Bose icons are going to appear. Click on the icon with the headphone! The headphone icon may not appear immediately, but wait for it. Pair it.

3) On the bottom right hand side of your screen, you will see the icon for the speaker. Right-click on it. Select “Playback Devices”.

 You will see two Bose icons, “Headset – hands free” and Headphones – stereo”.

  Right-click on the “Headset, hands free”.

 Tap on “Disable”

4) Restart your computer.

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