Windows 10: application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware

Q. This question has been asked different times, over and over!


I tried everything mentioned in every single post that i could find. 

The problem started within a game ( battlefield 4) but the ERROR is now turning up in every program.

Everything is up to date, system as well as drivers.

I started to get the problem after an update in windows (don’t know wich one)

The updates are there for making windows BETTER right?

The problem appears to infect Nvidia and AMD. So it must be an Windows issue.

No working solution is given by ANY of the Microsoft engineers… its frustrating!!!

I’ve disabled the automatic updates in Win 10 (no reason to force the updates on me) It’s my pc and bandwith!!

So because i do the updates myself, i have a good guess its one of the updates in windows because the problems started short after that.


Got “MicrosoftEdgeC was blocked from accessing graphics hardware”.  My graphics is “Intel HD graphics 530” only.  Running Windows 10, i7 6700 cpu.  I have the most recent Intel driver for my graphics device (i.e.  Had been having screen tearing for several months, now this has occurred.  Before this happened the display was solid. 

Odd, the screen tearing occurs in the section of the screen where the “Start” tiles are, or in a browser, or in games (like MS solitare, MS minsweeper or MS Mahjong).  Plus sometimes get artifacts (i.e. green pixels flashing on/off) in other sections of these screen sections.  NOTE: my desktop is rock solid, as well as MS Office 2010 and any other desktop applications.

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