Windows 10 2nd monitor resolution zoomed in

I recently updated and installed windows 10 on my laptop and everything was looking good except for my second monitor(Tv screen) .the screen is zoomed in and i only see half of the taskbar(the bottom of the tv literally stops at the very middle of the taskbar)

I’ve tried every resolutions with with every tv screen settings and none seem to make it fit. just before upgrading to windows 10, windows 8.1 had my 2nd screen fit the computer(except for a black border around the screen) does anyone know what i should do to fix it?

I found a solution for your problem because i had this problems for 2 days now

bottom line window 10 sucks, lots of glitches

now what you need to do is the next steps:

1. go to control panel and choose display

2. choose adjust resolution

3. choose advanced settings

4. in the next window you will find 4 tabs choose the last one (iris display control panel)

5. choose the finel setting (custom aspect ratio)

this will give you the ability to manually adjust height and width as per you screen

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