Wifi won’t turn on in Windows 10

So I have an AlienWare 15 PC that isn’t so much as seven days old yet. It accompanied Windows 8.1 and I redesigned it to Windows 10 the morning of July 29th. It had been working consummately until yesterday. Out of nowhere Windows would not permit me to turn wifi on and in this way was stuck in quite mode. On the off chance that you went to the wifi settings and turned it on the switch would simply move directly back to the off position. 

I attempted each recommendation I could discover on the web to determine it (I don’t have a wired association accessible so needed to investigate on my telephone) and nothing worked. The things I have attempted are as follows:

  • Restart
  • Had windows attempt to diagnose and repair the connection. Every time ti diagnosed that wifi was turned off so it’s solution was to turn on wifi which it seemed to do. Then on the part where it validates that the fix worked, the wifi had turned itself back off and thus validation failed.
  • Followed instructions on that one post in regards to third party VPN issues (I didn’t have any so didn’t apply to me)
  • Disabled IPv6 on my wireless adapter as another suggested but it did not work either
  • Disabled Windows ability to turn off the wifi adapter in the Device Manager’s Power Management options

The only thing I couldn’t do was uninstall and reinstall the adapter drivers as I could not get on the internet to get to Dell’s support site. As of right now I have rolled back to Windows 8.1 and the wifi immediately went back to working perfectly. If there is a surefire way to resolve this I would be more than happy to reinstall 10 and fix the issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I had the same problem, wifi didnt turn on, airplane mode would turn on.

Someone else posted this solution and it worked!

Right click windows icon on task bar

–>device manager

–>network adaptors

–>right click Intel (R) wireless


–>advanced tab

802.11n Channel Width for 2.4GHz selected

Change value from auto to 20 MHz Only

Wifi should work after that.

then once connected right click on Intel wireless and update driver and everything should be restored

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