Wifi network: Can’t connect to this network – Windows 10 – Atheros AR5BWB222

Q. After upgrading to Windows 10. I can’t connect to my Wifi network. I can connect to others, but when I try to connect to my network the message: Can’t connect to this network. After that, the network disappears from the list. I tried to add manually but nothing. 

I tried everything. Remove the WLAN adapter, reinstall it. Router reboot, reset. Nothing. 

I came from Windows 8.1 (no problems there). My security is WPA2-Personal.


I had basically the same issue on my wife’s Lenovo laptop. Her system was working fine running windows 8.1 and could connect to all of my access points. I upgraded her system on 7/29 as soon as windows 10 was released. The install went fine, however, her laptop could no longer connect to the main AP but could connect to all other Apps without issue.

I tried updating the driver from Intel but I was already running the latest I uninstalled reinstalled to no avail. Then I looked into the actual settings of the wireless adapter. I found that the 2.4Ghz channel was set to auto. I changed the value to 20 MHz only and immediately connected to the main AP. BTW all other laptops in the office are running Windows 10 and no other laptop experienced this issue including one other identical model.

For the novice that may want to try this yourself.

  1. RMB on the wireless icon in the lower right corner choose open network and security center
  2. On the left-hand side choose change adapter settings
  3. RMB on your wireless adapter choose properties
  4. Choose the configure button for the adapter
  5. Choose the advanced tab
  6. Select 802.11 channel width (you have more than one if your adapter supports 5.0GHz)
  7. Change the value
  8. Select OK and close all dialogs boxes.   

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