Why is Cortana not available for me on Windows 10?

Q. I am in a market where Cortana is supported, but Cortana does not appear to be available on my machine.  Why is this?


I had to set all regional settings to US (Language \ keyboard\ locale \ speech), then I signed in to my Microsoft account.

(This took me through changing my original password to a new PIN feature) Logged off, then logged in, and Cortana was enabled, but obviously in US mode.

Then I changed everything back to UK settings. I forgot to change the speech setting back to the UK, so then I received the msg “Cortana is disabled by company policy”. After checking and finally changing the speech to the UK, I got Cortana working fine……

It seems setting Cortana up first in US mode then changing it back to UK mode (assuming you have downloaded the UK language packs first) gets it working. Well, it did for me.

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