Where does Windows 10 install games download from the store?

Q. I just bought Minecraft for Windows 10 through the Xbox store app.  I’d like to connect the .exe file to a mouse profile switcher so it will automatically save my macros and stuff… but I can’t find the .exe anywhere.  I was just playing the game, and hit the install button in the store, so I’d assume that the game installed on my system somewhere.  But I can’t find the executable… anywhere.  I used the search function on “This PC” and got nothing. 

Either A) It’s a cloud based game (in which case I’d like a refund) or B) I’m too dumb for Windows 10.


Follow the path below to find the location where the Games are installed:


I recommend you contact XBOX Support if you’re looking for a refund. Refer to the link below for more information:


You may also post your query in the Xbox Forums for better and expertise advice. Refer to the link below for more information:


Apps from the App store are different than desktop apps.

You may not be able to use your mouse profile program like you would want to.

You would be better off getting Minecraft desktop version and using it.

The Win 10 Minecraft is a new version based on the Pocket Edition.

So with Win 10 you basically have 2 different Minecraft games for the PC.

The original one from Minecraft.net and then the new Win 10 version.
The one from Minecraft.net will be able to work with your exe mouse profile\macro saver program.

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