What is ‘sedlauncher.exe’ in Windows 10?

what is sedlauncher.exe

*Modified title for accuracy*

*Original title: sedlauncher.exe*

See: https://www.askvg.com/what-are-sedsvc-exe-sedlauncher-exe-files-and-rempl-folder-in-windows-10/

I experienced the the same problem, sedlauncher using up all disk w/r capacities. But after a while – surprise! – it stopped. While I cannot confirm that Windows 10 is the slowest, I don’t see any speed enhancements, least of all do I see any enhancements in Microsofts communication policy. 

I’d very much appreciate detailed information about every KB prior to installation so that I can decide for myself if I need it, how urgent it is and if it will require a system restart. And I’d like to get that information locally without having to click on any links.

In cases of services such as sedlauncher getting ready to work – wouldn’t it be just great to get a notofication providing options like “start now” or “start later”?

On the other hand, there’s a reason for us using Linux, while having Windows on just one PC.

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