What does a yellow exclamation mark over the C Drive on a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 in Devices and Drives mean?

Q. Bought new Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. After installing Office 365 and checking the system out I see a yellow exclamation mark over the “Windows (C:) in Devices and Drives. Everything seems to be running properly except:

Wireless internet connection keeps dropping. I have another Surface Pro 3 running next to the new one to check apps, etc and it hasn’t dropped its internet connection.

Windows update freezes with 2 more updates to download and install. Quits at 8%.


The most common reason for showing yellow exclamation (!) is due to low disk space. I would request you to try the suggestions provided in the article below and check the disk space. This should also fix the Windows update issue as well.

Tips to free up drive space on your PC (information holds good for Windows 10 as well)

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