Wanna Cry Ransomware : Update 5/21/2017 FIX

A kind of infection that contaminate PCs, and afterward keep the client from getting to the working framework, or scrambles all the information put away on the PC,

The client requests that the payment pay a fixed measure of cash, instead of unscrambling documents or permitting access again to the working framework.

Wanna Cry Ransomware Guidelines to stay safe :

  • Be careful NOT to click on harmful links in your emails.
  • Be wary of visiting unsafe or unreliable sites.
  • Never click on a link that you do not trust on a web page or access to Facebook or messaging applications such as WatSab and other applications.
  • If you receive a message from your friend with a link, ask him before opening the link to confirm, (infected machines send random messages with links).
  • Keep your files backed up regularly and periodically.
  • Be aware of fraudulent e-mail messages that use names similar to popular services such as PayePal instead of PayPal or use popular service names without commas or excessive characters.
  • Use anti virus and Always make have the last update.
  • Make sure your windows have the last update close the gap.
  • Use this link to download update Manual :

MS17-010 Update for Windows 8.1

The first option is for 64bit system and another option for 32bit system
MS17-010 Update for Windows 8.1

The first option is a 32bit system and a second option for a 64bit system
Update link for MS17-010 for Windows 7 and Server 2008

Choose the first 64bit system choice or the second 32bit option.
Links Update for MS17-010 for Windows XP and Server2003 and 8

Update 5/21/2017 :

An instrument under the name WanaKiwi is “capable” to unscramble the information in the possession of the payoff programming,

be that as it may, just if the client has not restarted or killed the PC.

This condition must originate from how the simple programming calculation functions. The analyst concentrated on the underlying numbers put away in the irregular memory of the PC on which the product is based to play out the encryption procedure.

All the more for the most part and essentially, the device scans for these numbers and starts the way toward unscrambling encoded information ahead of time, subsequently the significance of the above prerequisite, notwithstanding the reference of some different reports to another condition isn’t to take off new programming after disease, for example, games and office applications which can harm the request Store those numbers on your PC’s memory by utilizing that space for another program.

Note: The new instrument chips away at the two Windows 2008, 7, XP and Vista, and has been demonstrated successful by some security organizations. Another device named WanaKey depends on a similar rule

Connection Download direct: Wanakiwi_0.2.zip or Wanakiwi.zip

Update 5/15/2017 :

The section of the infection to your gadget, which is subject to a hole in the Windows framework and the hole is available in a wide range of Windows is that the element is open.

in the event that you did no’t refresh your windows simply turn off SMP,

There are two strategies to kill SMP physically or Tools .

First Manually :

1.Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.

2. Remove check Box  SMB1.0/CIF Filse Sharing Support

3. you must be restart your computer.

Done! Now you are safe. 

2. Tools :

Link Download direct: SMB2 Tools Disable


2.First check if the Features is turn on !.
when you run the tools will show this, if you see SMB2 currently enable so you must be Disabled it  

3. SMB2 IS currently disabled.

4. you must be restart your computer.

Done! Now you are safe. 

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