‘Undoing changes made to your computer’ in Windows 10

I’ve searched everywhere for a solution to this, and found loads of similar things but not found a solution yet.

The wife put her Windows 10 laptop to sleep last night, and i guess it installed some updates overnight. fast forward to this morning, and all I now see is the Lenovo boot screen, followed by a windows screen “Undoing changes made to your computer”

It will periodically reset (every 30 seconds) itself and do the same thing over and over.

I’ve tried creating a Win10 installation ISO on a USB stick in order to try and get into a recovery mode, but none of the Lenovo boot options seem to do anything other than to end up in the same cycle as before.

Start your PC, immediately as Windows attempts to load (spinning dots), press and hold Power Button for 5 – 10 seconds to perform a Hard Shut Down

Do this twice

On the third start Windows will boot into the Recovery Environment and from there you can access System Repair, Safe Mode, Command Prompt . . . etc.

Please try each option one at a time, then see of Windows will boot . . .

Go to Troubleshoot – Advanced Option – Startup Repair
See if Windows startup can repair itself

Go to Troubleshoot – Advanced Option – System Restore
Check to see if you have a restore point you can go back to

If you do not have a Restore Point, go to Troubleshoot – Advanced Option – Startup Settings and click Restart
Upon restart, press 4 to enter Safe Mode
Once in Safe Mode, backup your data if you do not already have a backup
Open Device Manager and check to make sure all your Drivers are up to date
Reboot to see if Windows will start Normally

If the above fails, go to Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Reset this PC
Choose to keep your files and apps, just your files or to keep nothing
Then start the Reset

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