Unable to remove Bluetooth device on Windows 10

Q. I am running windows 10 64bit, and have a BeeWi BH100 headphone paired to my PC.

The device was unable to connect and I tried to remove it via the Bluetooth settings menu. It said removed failed at first, but later I was able to remove the device. However the device doesn´t show up as available to be paired and keeps on reappearing each time I turn Bluetooth on and off.


Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

It’s unfortunate that you are facing this issue. Let me assist you to resolve the issue.

We appreciate your efforts in trying to resolve the issue.

You may follow the steps and check if it helps in resolving the issue, as the device might be hidden.

a.       Press Windows key + X.

b.      Click on Device Manager.

c.       Click on View.

d.      Click on Hidden Devices.

e.       Search for the Bluetooth device.

f.        Right click on the Bluetooth device and click uninstall.

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