This $7 digital tire gauge is a must-have for every vehicle

Right now you can pick up this Tekton digital tire gauge for just $7 at Amazon, which is a savings of $4.99 from its regular price.

This may appear to be a senseless thing, yet having one in the glove compartment can be a major assistance as a rule.

It turns on with the press of one catch, and the computerized show will immediately peruse out your tire pressure.

  • Lighted nozzle and display screen for ultimate visibility in low light or at night
  • Digital display instantly and clearly shows exact reading, eliminating the guesswork of analog gauges
  • Nozzle seals to valve stem for quick and accurate measurements
  • Simple push-button control turns unit on, selects the desired range, and automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to save the batteries
  • Ergonomic design comfortably fits hand and features a soft, non-slip surface for sure grip

These are incredible for loading stuffers and to have in all the vehicles you own. Make certain to get one (or five) of them now!

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