The graphics driver shows as “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” after upgrading to Windows 10

After upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, my display adapter driver in Windows 10 is showing as the “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” instead of the specific driver for my graphics card, resulting in poor graphics quality.  Why did that happen and how do I fix it?

I had the same issue with my NVidia GT330M.  The basic MS adaptor Win10 Pro installed and set to  a low-res, non-native display.  Fortunately it is very easy issue to fix – finding the ‘where’ may be the hardest part for some! From the Start Menu select System–> Display and then on that screen ‘Advanced Display Settings’.  Then select  ‘Display Adapter Properties’.

From there, go to the Adapter tab, select Properties button then when that opens, the ‘Driver’ tab.  Select Update Driver choose ‘Search Automatically’ and it will download the latest compatible driver for your card and all will hopefully be dixed. 

Mine automatically then chose the best resolution but you may need to manually set it for yours.  Note that this is JUST the driver… which is all you really need and NOT the whole graphic card management software package. You can grab that from the manufacturer later in need.

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