The 20 Best Productivity Apps for Windows

A significant number of us need explicit devices to complete our employments. You may utilize QuickBooks for bookkeeping and invoicing, Microsoft Visual Studio for creating PC programs, Scrivener for composing a book, or AutoCAD for making 2D or 3D structures.

Be that as it may, past particular programming, there’s a tremendous expanse of Windows applications that can help nearly anybody be increasingly beneficial at work.

Schedule applications and to-do applications, for instance, will keep you on task. Utilities like a clipboard device remove a portion of the issue from taking a shot at your PC throughout the day. Furthermore, mechanization apparatuses cause your PC to accomplish more work for you out of sight.

Here are the 20 Windows efficiency applications and programming they figure everybody ought to have—or if nothing else attempt. Whatever your job, they’ll spare you time and exertion. They should get to boosting your PC efficiency!

The Best Windows Productivity Apps and Software: How We Chose

For this gathering, they concentrated on classifications of applications that would enable the vast majority to work quicker and all the more productively, as opposed to apparatuses somebody may utilize principally to accomplish their work.

They took a gander at the most mainstream alternatives in different profitability classes and tried them for both usability and how well they chipped away at Windows 10 (regardless of whether customary work area programming or applications from the Windows App Store). Most of projects on this rundown are free or possibly ones we’d put resources into ourselves.

Windows and PC Management

Modify your work area the manner in which you want to work, improve Windows with straightforward changes, and show your PC to play pleasantly with different gadgets.

This area of our gathering contains the most proposals, in light of the fact that, regularly, the least demanding approach to work all the more gainfully is to fix the inconveniences you face day by day.


Rapidly review documents of various sorts, similar to Quick Look on macOS

MacOS has one great element that is painfully absent in Windows: Quick Look, which lets you look at the substance of photographs, PDFs, other document types, and envelopes without opening them. You should simply press the Spacebar.

That implies you can quickly snatch duplicate from a book record, watch a video, and more without hanging tight for it to stack in another program. Windows doesn’t accompany this element of course, yet, fortunately, Seer fills that void.

It works like the Mac form yet has more choices. You can tweak settings like which key triggers the review or add modules to help extra record types. (Note that in our tests, a portion of the modules didn’t work, including the Microsoft Office module.

The center program despite everything bolsters several normal document types, however.)

Seer Price: Free; $12.18 for a lifetime license per PC, which supports the developer and keeps the program up-to-date


Consequently modify the shade of your PC so you rest better and lessen eye fatigue

A growing body of research shows that blue light–the thoughtful lost by our screens–interferes with the nature of our rest. On the off chance that you will in general work into the nighttimes or late around evening time on your PC, this is an issue that can influence your profitability the following day and your general wellbeing.

F.lux to the salvage. Enter your area and the sort of lighting in your workspace, and the little utility will consequently change the shade of your screen to the hour of day. Your screen will be splendid during the day and take on a warm, dimmer light when the sun sets.

You can likewise modify the shading settings for various situations, for example, “lessen eye fatigue” (colors your presentation both day and night) or “shading loyalty” (littler alterations, for more shading precision).

One of my top pick, less discussed highlights of the application: It will tenderly prod you to quit working when you’re awakening in, state, six hours. F.lux is additionally accessible for Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

F.lux Price: Free for individual use; corporate permit for extensive use


Deal with various screens absolutely

Having more than one screen spares you the time and bother of exchanging to and fro between your open windows. In any case, Windows’ showcase settings don’t let you do much past picking whether to reflect your essential show or stretch out the work area to all screens.

DisplayFusion is the most element rich multi-screen utility for Windows. Make profiles for window sizes and positions to sort out your windows simply the manner in which you like each time you start your PC.

Use screensavers and set your work area backdrop to traverse every one of your presentations. Add a taskbar to every one of your screens.

Assemble custom contents to robotize your windows the board. You’d be unable to discover what you can’t modify in your multi-screen arrangement with DisplayFusion.

That force accompanies an expectation to absorb information, however it merits the exertion in the event that you need to take advantage of your screens. Note: Most of the progressed and most well known uses for DisplayFusion require a permit.

DisplayFusion Price: Free; from $29 for expert highlights including window position profiles and screen blurring


Sort out windows to amplify your screen land

In the event that you regularly work with a few windows open on the double, AquaSnap can keep them sorted out for you in, well, a snap. In spite of the fact that Windows 10’s Aero Snap work is convenient all alone, AquaSnap includes greater usefulness.

You can rapidly adjust one window to another by hauling it set up, stretch a window to the edge of your screen one way with a double tap, make one window consistently remain on top, and even move windows together in gatherings. It works for numerous screens, as well (ace form required).

AquaSnap Price: Free for individual use; $18 proficient permit, which incorporates highlights like mouse alternate ways and moving windows together


Join program windows into program like tabs

From Nurgo Software, the people behind AquaSnap, TidyTabs adds a selected interface to programs that need it, for example, Microsoft Office programs, Windows Explorer, and Notepad. Float over the window’s title bar and drag the tab to the window you need to bunch it with.

It even works on the off chance that you need to consolidate windows from various projects into a selected gathering. Along these lines, you can spare screen land and stay away from visual mess, which implies more spotlight on the job that needs to be done.

TidyTabs Price: Free for individual use; $9 proficient permit for multi-screen support, auto-gathering windows, and gathering multiple windows

Quick Access Popup

Dispatch your preferred projects, records, and more from anyplace on your PC

Alternate ways cause the profitability world to go round. Speedy Access Popup, as the name suggests, gives you simple access to things on your PC or on the web in a popup menu. Snap your center mouse button anyplace to raise the menu.

You can alter Quick Access Popup to include your preferred organizers, records, programs, joins, text scraps, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It resembles the ever-helpful right-click setting menu in Explorer, yet one you minister and can utilize all over. Get to your goal more rapidly than the standard pecking and looking on your PC.

Quick Access Popup Price: Free


Send messages, records, and connections to and from every one of your gadgets

You get an instant message from a companion, yet your telephone is in another room or covered in your pack. You locate an extraordinary new spot to eat, yet don’t have any desire to email yourself the connection to get to it in a hurry.

You’re away from your work area and need a document on your PC that wasn’t matched up to your telephone or tablet. In the event that any of these circumstances sound natural to you, go download Pushbullet.

Accessible on each stage and furthermore as a Chrome expansion, Pushbullet just interfaces every one of your gadgets so you can share records and get notices regardless of where you are.

The independent Windows application gives you the new Remote Files get to highlight and you can stick it to your taskbar for simple access.

Pushbullet Price: Free for 100 SMS or visit messages a month; from $4.99/month for boundless messages


Access your PC distantly

TeamViewer is extraordinary compared to other far off access programming alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it’s free for individual use.

When you have TeamViewer introduced on a PC, you can interface with and control it from anyplace on the planet utilizing another PC or your cell phone.

Sign into your folks’ PC, for instance, to investigate their specialized issues. Or on the other hand share your work area with others to walk them through a demo. Or on the other hand associate with your home PC when you’re making progress toward recover a document. Or then again even, in case you’re sluggish like me, run a program on another PC in another room in your home without leaving your work area.

TeamViewer joins distant access with internet meeting and screen-sharing apparatuses. Note that in the event that you use TeamViewer for work, you’ll need a permit.

TeamViewer Price: Free; from $49/month for permit to operate


Getting things out of your head and onto paper (or digital paper) is one of the best ways to preserve your mental bandwidth. The software below will help you do that.


Take detailed, intuitively organized notes that capture images, audio, text, and more

OneNote is one of the most versatile and feature-rich note-taking apps around. The interface mimics real-world notebooks or binders, so you can have separate notebooks for your personal and work projects or create notebooks for different clients or class subjects.

Within each notebook, you can organize your notes intuitively in colorful tabbed sections and group notes together in a stack.

Beyond the organization features, OneNote offers many ways to make your notes come alive: Inking tools let you create handwritten or drawn notes; tags can be added to any part of the page; and text, tables, and images can be placed anywhere on the page for a truly flexible note-taking approach.

It’s like writing on paper, but with search, tagging, and other smart digital features built in.

OneNote Price: Free; from $69.99/year as part of the Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Jot down anything quickly for easy reference

Throughout the day, you’ll often come across information you need to jot down–a phone number, an offer code, your takeout order details–that you don’t want to clutter up your more important notebooks with.

That’s where Sticky Notes come in. Microsoft’s Windows 10 app saves trees and a trip to the office supply store while adding intelligent features like Cortana Reminders for notes that have a date and time or maps for addresses you add to a note.

It also supports handwriting and typing. It’s the digital scratchpad that’s both smart and simple to use.

Microsoft Sticky Notes Price: Free


Edit text intelligently

If you prefer taking notes in plain text format but Notepad is too limited for you, Notepad++ is the solution. It’s the free, souped-up alternative to Notepad, with a lot of tricks up its sleeves.

Some of the most useful yet basic features include a tabbed interface, auto-saving, and collapsing or uncollapsing levels in an outline or other structured document.

There’s syntax highlighting if you write in code, word auto-completion suggestions, and an impressive “multi-column” editing feature.

And you can make Notepadd++ even more powerful by running macros or installing plugins.

Notepad++ Price: Free

Focus and Time Management

Distractions are the enemy of productivity. Staying focused, though, isn’t easy, with Slack messages pinging you and social media sites tempting you to take a quick peek to see what’s going on beyond your desk. Thankfully, several programs can keep you on track.

Microsoft To Do

Focus on your daily tasks in a simple, intuitive task manager
Microsoft To Do screenshot

You need a place to jot down all the things you need to do, but long lists of tasks can be overwhelming–making you less productive, not more.

Microsoft To Do helps you organize all your to-dos while prioritizing the ones that matter most now. After acquiring Wunderlist, Microsoft has been incorporating some of that to-do app’s best features, such as a custom lists, subtasks, and sharing–but in a more simplified lists view.

Although Microsoft To Do doesn’t have smart lists (yet) like Wunderlist, Microsoft To Do offers intelligent suggestions on tasks you should work on each day.

And with its unique My Day feature, you’ll see only the to-dos you need to work on today, which then wipes clean so you start fresh the next day. Microsoft To Do is available on Windows, the web, iOS, and Android, so you can focus on your tasks from any device.

Microsoft To Do Price: Free

Focus Booster

Work in Pomodoro timer sprints and get reports for your time usage
Focus Booster screenshot

Working in timed sprints helps you get more done: It’s like having mini-deadlines throughout the day for that extra nudge to stay focused. In the Pomodoro timer methodology, you work in a 25-minute sprint, followed by a rewarding 5-minute break.

But you can adjust this timing for your needs. Focus Booster is a simple yet customizable Pomodoro Timer for Windows, Mac, mobile, and web. There’s a small floating timer window that stays out of your way (and, thankfully, the ticking sound can be turned off).

Enter your task label and your client (optional), click start, and you’re on your way to finishing your first Pomodoro. You can easily adjust the timing for each sprint if the 25/5-minute default doesn’t work for you.

One of the standout features of Focus Booster compared to other Pomodoro Timers is you can have your sessions logged automatically in a timesheet, for easy reporting.

Focus Booster Price: Free (limited to 20 Pomodoro sessions/month); $3/month (200 Pomodoro sessions + data export); $5/month (unlimited Pomodoro sessions + client and revenue tracking)

Cold Turkey

Block distracting websites and apps so you can reclaim your attention
Cold Turkey screenshot

Instead of fighting your temptation to watch another YouTube video or go down the Wikipedia rabbit hole, remove the temptations altogether–at least when you need to focus on work.

Cold Turkey puts you in control by blocking access to sites and apps on your block lists. You can even block all internet access for a time or lock your computer (great for those of us who have a hard time not working).

You can set how long the block lasts, schedule blocks, see statistics, and more.

Cold Turkey Price: Free; $25 CAD for pro features like app blocking, scheduling, and daily time limits


Understand where your time is going

If you’ve ever wondered at the end of the week where all the time went, you’re not alone. One key to becoming more productive is knowing your habits and how you spend your time, so you can take steps to become more efficient.

RescueTime will help you do that. Once you install the Windows app (or Mac or mobile apps), RescueTime will sit quietly in the background logging your time on websites and apps. In the online dashboard, you’ll see at a glance how productive you’ve been, based on the categories of sites and apps you’ve used.

The categories are customizable, so if YouTube is a productivity tool for you and not a time-suck, you can change that.

Upgrade to the Premium plan to get features like distraction blocking, more powerful reports, and integration with Zapier for automated alerts.

RescueTime Price: Free; $9/month for Premium

Automation and Text Expansion

When you have shortcuts at your fingertips and your computer doing most of the legwork for you, you’re bound to have a more productive day. Automation tools shave minutes off of tedious tasks, which adds up to much more time for you to concentrate your important tasks.


Type less with this fast and accurate predictive text app

You know how convenient it is when you start typing a search phrase in Google and it knows what you’re thinking? Or when your phone suggests the word to insert so you can save time pecking at the keys? LightKey is like that but for your computer.

Once you have the app installed, LightKey will start suggesting words as you type. It’s predictive text, not autocorrect, so you don’t have to deal with autocorrect fails.

But by simply clicking the Tab key, you can accept the word and start typing at lightning speed. The program takes into consideration specialized words you might use for your industry, such as technology or healthcare, and learns from your most-typed words and phrases.

It works in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as Gmail (Chrome extension required) and a few other mail and chat programs.

The company estimates you can save boost your productivity as much as 40%. It’s like a text expansion app, but without you having to set it up.

LightKey Price: Free

Ditto Clipboard

Add more items to your clipboard for easy access any time

Ditto Clipboard is a customizable, easy to use clipboard manager. Instead of being stuck with only the last thing you copied, now you can quickly copy and paste multiple items, including images and HTML.

The Windows 10 app has a minimalist interface, but it also packs helpful options, such as keeping the window always on top, customizable hotkeys, and quick paste features. The search feature works well, too. Go copy and paste to your heart’s content.

Ditto Clipboard Price: Free


Take the tedium out of typing

You probably type the same words, day in and day out. “Best regards, [your name]” or “Please let me know if you have any questions or comments” or “I’m doing fine, Mom, thanks.”

A text expander like PhraseExpress reduces the number of keystrokes needed to get those phrases on the page, so typing something like ;em automatically becomes “[youremailaddress]”. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, PhraseExpress is one of the more customizable and feature-rich text expanders around.

In addition to text snippets and the ability to expand text in any program, PhraseExpress offers a macro recorder, so you can record and play repetitive tasks.

You can share or sync snippets over your local network or through cloud storage, and the program integrates with Outlook too.

PhraseExpress Pricing: Free for personal use; from $49.95 lifetime license for professional use


Create your own hotkeys and scripts to automate anything in Windows

AutoHotKey is a powerful, open-source scripting language that lets you run Windows tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Coding your own scripts might sound daunting, but don’t let that scare you.

It’s simple to learn even if you have no coding background, and once you get started you’ll dramatically cut the time you spend on things like clicking through menus. For example, you can set up a shortcut to empty the recycle bin, hide all the windows except for your active one, restore a minimized window in a second, and more. (Protip: Lifehacker offers script examples to get you started.)

AutoHotKey Price: Free


Access multiple automation tools in one app

FastKeys is like a Swiss-Army knife of automation utilities. In addition to a text expander and clipboard manager, FastKeys lets you set up keyboard shortcuts for running programs and controlling Windows (e.g., adjusting the audio settings or taking a screenshot).

There’s also a macro recorder to teach your computer to do a sequence of tasks automatically, mouse gestures, and a customizable start menu you can access by moving your mouse to one corner of the screen. Because it comes with hundreds of presets, using FastKeys is easy, even though it’s so powerful.

FastKeys Price: $19 license for up to 3 computers

The best productivity apps are those that get out of your way while still helping you get more done.

Although there are hundreds of productivity apps for every platform you can choose from, the ones above stand out for us as excellent Windows software they’d recommend to anyone who’s moving from Mac to Windows or just trying to make the most out of their setup.

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