Q. I am facing a blue screen with the error : SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32kfull.sys) 


BSOD only started to happen to me after I updated to Creators Update.

It’s kinda random. Mostly happens when I select and move folders around with the mouse.

One time I was working in a Word Document and it simply happened. Luckily I saved the file before crashing or I would have lost everything.

This is happening in 3 different computers with different hardware, so I don’t think its hardware or even drivers related.

On one of the computers I installed the Creators Update clean from their latest ISO installation file and this hasn’t happened yet.

Time will tell. I didn’t install the drivers from the hardware manufacturer, I kept the Microsoft ones installed.

If it is drivers related and since the Creators Update is kinda recent, I’ll wait a bit longer to update the driver from the manufacturer.

I also noticed there is a weird incompatibility between Windows 10 Home Creator Update and Visual Studio 2017 Community.

After installing Visual Studio, the SFC /SCANNOW report errors in system folders ownership, and nothing can fix it. So it might be a software compatibility issue between 2 of Microsoft software’s.

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