System and Compressed Memory Service High CPU Usage

I’m running on an x79 system board with 8 core 16 thread Xeon processor and 32 GBs of RAM and Windows 10 Build 10586.14 and this service/process takes upwards of 40% of my CPU. It slows my system to a crawl then it will stop then start back up again. I’ve rebuilt this machine from scratch a few times with the same results. I’m looking for some help in trying to figure out why this process is taking up so much CPU time.

Here is the location to the Trace file:!1149&authkey=!AL-WVzf_ZT71_AI&ithint=file%2cetl

I have a Core i7 Yoga 900 with 8GB RAM.

In my case, I’m trying to upload 3GB of files to OneDrive. Doesn’t matter if I use Chrome or Edge, the browser memory usage creeps up higher and higher as the 400 files upload. Starting with memory usage around 350MB, I’ve seen it go over 2GB before crashing the browser, forcing me to restart the upload.

Meanwhile, “System and compressed memory” kicks in when the browser tops 500MB of RAM usage. It uses around 33% of CPU cycles and disk IO leaps to 30 – 90 MB/s for a time.

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