SS3svc32.exe Popping up on Startup?

Q. I start my laptop the file SS3svc32.exe keeps popping up and trying to make changes. It pops up twice (I click no both times) and then stays away until the next startup. I looked at the file location and it’s with a program ‘Sonic Suite 3’ which I don’t remember downloading and when I went to Apps in Windows Settings neither are listed. Is there a way for me to remove it?


Did anyone ever think to go to the manufacturer of the motherboard and see if they have an updated audio driver?  Maybe one that fixes the problem instead of trying to find some wacky work around?  

I ask because I found this after deciding I had enough of that damned popup:

Now, I am no computer guru or anything, but I figured that someone, somewhere might have an actual fix for this problem since Microsoft doesn’t fix problems with other people’s software causing conflicts with theirs.  That’s a long known truth about them.  So instead of trying to change registry values or downloading another program that “fixes” problems just do the simple thing folks.

I found the answer for my motherboard right on their page here:

That is *ONLY* for the Motherboard *I* have.  So don’t go downloading the same one unless you have the same motherboard.  I hope this helps at least someone out there.  

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