Skype on Windows 10, Disable or Remove

Q. How can I disable/remove Skype from Windows 10? There is no camera or mic on this machine and it is used for managing contact data. Everytime I copy a phone number, Skype opens. I really need to stop this. Even disabling at startup does not prevent it from running and of course it is not found in Programs and Features.


Skype can be installed either by store app or desktop app or if you have the office version of Lync installed.

  • You may try to check for the Skype app in the Task Manger
  • Right click on it and select Open File Location to see where it is installed.
  • From there try to Uninstall or if it is installed through office 2013 you may have to uninstall from Office application.

Note: You may access the task manager by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc

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