sihost.exe unknown hard error.

Q. Upon launch it always has the same thing where it says that it’s a critical error and start menu and Cortana aren’t working. Now after further investigation I found that sihost.exe wasn’t running at all, after that I searched for the file and attempted to run it and it always says bad image C:\windows\system32\wpporthinglibrary.dll is not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error and gives me the code 0xc000012f. Does anyone have any suggestions or a fix? is there a way to just download the .dll file and just replace it?


One day my PC was working just fine, and the next day it’s not.

“sihost.exe” and “Unknown Hard Error” every time I try to logon. Also the network adapter is in device manager, but internet nonfunctional.

I see the desktop for a split second, then darkness. Mouse cursor still visible.

CTRL ALT DEL still works, and I’m able to Run explorer.exe, but dies after about 10 seconds.

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