Show “All Programs” in Windows 10.

I really miss being able to se a complete list of all installed programs and “All Apps” does not have most of them. How can I add all programs to my start menu in Windows 10?

What is clear is that (a) he conflated “All Programs” with “All Apps” in his reply to your question and (b) he did not reply after you clarified the issue. With regard to (a), he is hardly alone. There are several other forum posts (both on Microsoft Community and on Stack Exchange) where others have made the same mistake. Indeed, it almost seems as though Microsoft itself has incorporated this very mistake into the design of Windows 10. From everything I have seen, there is no way to get a simple “All Programs” view in Windows 10. The “All Apps” view is apparently all that is left. In that light, Mr. Ahmed’s nonresponsiveness (b) may simply be because he does not have anything constructive to add to the discussion.

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