Remove password from windows 10 startup

I need help removing the password login from my computer at the start up menu I hate logging in every time I start my computer I want it gone so I don’t have use a password  to login at all when I start my computer if it cant be done I am going to go back to windows 7 yes I hate logging that much

someone please help I would like to keep windows 10 but I hate start up passwords

just to recap I do not want to change my password I want it gone so I never have to use a password to login when I turn my computer on

Any luck with removing your password? I want to do the same thing since it won’t allow me to setup my finger print reader.


I figured it out. Type netplwiz into the search bar on the task bar. Then uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” and click apply. See picture below.

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