Photos app freezes upon Import/Photo importing problems

Q. I was trying to import photos from my iPhone via charging cable and upon import the photo app freezes. I reset my phone and tried again and it worked for the first import but another problem is that I can only upload 3-4 videos at a time before the photos app says something went wrong and I have to start the whole process all over again.

Because of this, when I go to import again it just freezes once it hits my total photo and video count. This problem has been persistent ever since I started uploading photos and videos this past year or two and it really hinders my progress.


Since you reset the Phone, next let’s try resetting the Photos app. But first, try these specific fixes for iPhone photo import:
To try to fix Photos app Reset and Repair Photos app at Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Photos app > Advanced Options. Your pictures will be safe in the User Pictures folder.

If this was caused by Windows Updates then you can check which were installed at Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update under Installed Updates, then uninstall them from the link there, and hide with the Hide Updates tool downloaded from here:…

You can also use System Restore to get before the problem began, then check for Updates with the Hide Update tool and hide them:

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