Opening programs on second monitor, not main monitor

This is the first upgrade of Windows 10 I have dealt with that is a dual monitor setup. My monitors are extended screen. In windows 7 or 8 / 8.1, if I wanted to open a program on the second monitor I was able to from the start menu on that screen, or it remembered from the last time I used it there and closed it there.

Now with Windows 10, no matter what monitor I use to open the start menu, every program opens on my main monitor. This is extremely frustrating and is rage inducing. I do NOT want to have to open a program then Windows Key + Arrow every time.

I want it to open like it did in Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1. Please I need an answer right away before I start sending Microsoft a bill for every broken monitor I go through from punching it. This is an issue that should not be appearing after launch.

I would suggest you to try the following steps.

1.  Right click a free area of the desktop, select “properties”
2.  Click the “settings” tab
3.  Click the mouse on the seconary monitor grapic,
4.  UNCHECK the box “extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”
5.  Click the primary monitor graphic
6.  Make sure that “use this device as primary monitor” is CHECKED

If you’re not sure which is 1 and which is 2, tap the “identify” button. It should display a huge, gigantic “1” on the primary monitor.

Or if that does not work, right click the application on the Taskbar, click Move, then use the arrow keys to move the program. The mouse cursor locks to the program window and you can use the mouse to position the program on your screen, you just have to use the arrow keys initially.

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