Need information on XP Mode on Windows 10

Q. I use XP Mode in Windows 7 to run a couple of 16-bit games/simulation programs. Apparently, XP Mode did not run in Windows 8. How do I deal with that in Windows 10? I still need access to that software, but it will not run in 64-bit Windows.


I actually prefer VirtualBox, although VMWare is more robust in terms of multimedia support.

I suggest you invest in a full version license and dual boot:

Will I have the option of choose a different drive or partition where I want the upgrade installed?

No, it will require that you are running a previous qualifying version and start the upgrade from within the qualifying version.

How much will Windows 10 cost if I need to perform a new installation on a PC without a qualifying license?

Retail pricing information:

Windows 10 HomeUS $119
Windows 10 ProUS $199
Windows 10 Pro PackUS $99

How to dual boot the latest Windows build with previous versions of Windows

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